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International camps

The International English language Prometheus Camps assemble young people from all over the world to ponder together on society, relationships, the environment, the future and other themes and issues that young people find important as they approach adulthood. The goal is to build one’s world view bit by bit and exchange thoughts and opinions with people from other cultures. About half of the participants will be from Finland and the other half will be from other countries or of international background.

The camps are intended for people, who were born in the years 2001-2004 or have finished eighth grade by the time of the camp, but the upper age limit is not completely strict.

The price of the camp is 240 euros which includes accommodation and full board. Transportation is not included.

The camps are listed in the Finnish-language camp catalog pages where you can also enrol (until the enrolment is closed). Even if the enrolment is closed, there are separate quota for non-Finnish speakers. Because of that, non-Finnish speakers are encouraged to use this English-language enrolment form, to get enrolled.

To enquire information about the camp, contact camp@protu.fi. For further information about Prometheus camps in general, see our English-language pages.

The enrolment starts on November 1st, 2018.

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