Prometheus Camp


The week is built on themes that are current and puzzling in the lives of young people.

  • equality and diversity
  • relationships
  • identity
  • my life and my future
  • society and how to influence it
  • media
  • world views, ideologies, life philosophies
  • environment
  • intoxicants
  • sexuality

The themes are discussed in many interesting and diverse ways. The most essential way to form opinions is through an equal group discussion. Themes are also discussed through debating, acting, games, live-action role-plays or simulations, and other activities.

In addition, the week includes camp life. There is singing, enjoying the sauna, campfires, being together and feeling the atmosphere.

On the last day of the week, there is a Prometheus ceremony. The family members of the campers are more than welcome to join the celebration of their child’s step towards adulthood.


Prometheus Camps are prepared, planned and implemented by a team of counselors, who have been trained for their task during the spring before the camp. The counselors don’t have the answers, rather every camper gets to think on their own and hopefully from as many angles as possible.

The camp group usually consists of 16-18 campers. Those who were only strangers at the beginning of the camp week can become very close, even life-long friends towards the end of the week.

Prometheus Camp Association takes care of the camp arrangements. Both the association and the camps are politically and religiously nonaligned. The association gets some financial aid from the Ministry of Education and Culture, but it is mostly run by volunteers.

The camps are arranged all around Finland. 

The campsites are regular camp centres. A calm environment far from the noises of the cities offers a chance to build up the camp atmosphere and time to be with fellow campers.