Get involved as a junior counsellor

Instructions and yearly schedule for junior camp counsellors

  • Applying for a role for summer 2023 begins at the end of August. If you want to become
    a counsellor, remember these:
  • Membership: Having been on a protu cmap and being a member of protu are
    required from to be counsellors. Therefore UA-, UVA- and VVA- applicants who do
    not have an active membership anymore,the office of protu will renew your
  • A team role is required in order to apply for the trainings, and attending the
    trainings is a requirement to applying to a team in the spring when the team
    applications begin.
  • Make sure your and your guardian’s contacts are correct on your account on the
    website (, all counsellor applicants have a login). Don’t make a new account, but instead ask for a new password if needed (it will arrive to the email
    address linked to your account on the website)
  • Late August onwards: Apply for a senior counsellor role through your profile.
    You’ll find the right role type by taking a look at the instructions for signing up for
    trainings. When your role application is accepted, you’ll receive a notification to the
    email address linked to your account.
  • In September you’ll get an email reminding you to sign up for trainings and
    additional information about camp counselling.
  • October onwards: Sign up for trainings. If you’re applying to be a senior camp
    counsellor for the first time, read through this page before signing up.
  • November to February: 1) participate in the trainings required of your role type 2)
    remember to fill out the availability form on time!
  • In February, once you’ve attended the necessary trainings: apply to camp
    counsel! You’ll receive additional instructions during trainings. You’ll be notified via
    email about having been placed in a team in mid-March.
  • May: 1) attend team training 2) plan out the camp with your camp team.
  • June to August: 1) facilitate a week-long camp together with your camp team 2)
    attend the official wrap-up at the end of summer.