Delay and new timetable: The post-lottery opens on Tue 12.3. at 11 am – places will be drawn from 22.3. onwards

News / 28.2.2024

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the opening of the post-lottery (continuous lottery for unclaimed and canceled campsites) is delayed. The new time for the opening of the draw is Tuesday, March 12. at 11:00.

The post-lottery will include the places left over from the main draw (9-31 January) for the summer 2024 youth camps for 14-16 year olds, as well as places that have since become available due to cancellations.

The post-lottery is open to everyone, but priority will be given to those who did not get a place in the main lottery or who have a Protu member or camp team member in their family during 2018-2023.

The first draw will take place on Friday 22 March and will include all those who have filled in the draw form by Thursday 21 March. The draw will be open until the end of the camp season.

Those who have gotten a campsite in the draw but do not wish to accept it may also participate in the post-lottery. In this case, the campsite received in the previous draw must be cancelled before participating in the new lottery

For more information about the lottery, please contact the Protu office at

Information about summer 2024 camps:

  • In the summer, 60 youth camps are organized for 14-16 year olds, including 46 regular Finnish-language camps and 9 Finnish-language themed camps, as well as 3 Swedish-language regular camps and 2 English-language international camps. Due to the huge demand, places for youth camps are chosen by lottery.
  • English-language international camps are organized from 21 to 28 July in Meriharju (Helsinki) and from 28 July to 4 August In Oriniemi (Turku): 
  • You can view all the other summer youth camps in the camp search: 
  • In the description of each camp, you can find contact information for the campsite, information about washing and accommodation equipment, and accessibility.

Information about participating in the lottery:

  • You can participate in the draw using the form on Protu’s website. Filling out the form requires a previously created user account. A user account can be created either by a guardian or a young person. A user account is always created with your own information. If the user is under 18 years of age, the form asks for the guardian’s contact information at the same time, in which case the guardian’s own user account will also be created (or if the guardian’s account already exists with the email provided to the guardian, a connection will be made between the young person’s account and the guardian’s account). Both the camper and the guardian must have their own separate email address as their username.
  • The form is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • The same young person can apply to the camp with only one application (the application can be made either by the guardian of a child under 18 or by the camper himself). If more than one application has been filled out for the same camper, all applications can be rejected.
  • Once completed, the form cannot be edited. If you wish to change the information you have provided on the form, you must fill in a new form and ask the Protu office ( to delete the previous one.
  • The Protu office will check the information that gives the participant priority in the draw (the missed place in the actual draw or a Protu member or camp team member, guardian or sibling in the family between 2018 and 2023).
  • Young people participating in the draw are required to familiarize themselves with and commit to Protu’s safer space policy as well as camp practices and rules in advance. This includes agreeing to the terms of sending home. At the camp, the leader team is responsible for respecting the rules.
  • The form is used to select the camps in which the young person wants to participate in the draw. The raffle participant can freely choose whether he wants to participate in the raffle for all camps or whether he chooses the camps according to, for example, equipment, accessibility, time, place or area
  • Varsinaisesta arvonnasta poiketen jälkiarvonnassa ei voi priorisoida leirejä tyypin tai alueen mukaan. Jälkiarvonnassa ei myöskään ole mahdollista osallistua arvontaan samalla lomakkeella samalle leirityypille sisaruksen kanssa.
  • Unlike the actual draw, the post-draw does not allow the participant to prioritise camps by type or region. It is also not possible to enter the post-draw with a sibling for the same type of camp on the same form.
  • Unfortunately, due to the large number of applicants, it is not possible to wish to enter the same camp with a friend, and therefore there is no friend request on the form.
  • You can get a maximum of one camping spot in the lottery.
  • A spot gotten in the lottery may not be accepted. You can also cancel your enrollment.
  • A spot gotten in the draw cannot be exchanged for another. If you have already received a spot for which you received an email enrollment link – and you want to enter the post-draw to change your spot – you must first cancel your previous spot. You can cancel your spot enrollment yourself on the Protu website.
  • There is no queue for the camps. If someone fails to enroll for the spot they have been allocated or cancels their enrollment, the spot will be available again in the post-lottery.
  • The camp fee is paid only after the draw when registering for the camp (after receiving information from the office about the received camp place). The camp fee can be paid by bank or credit card payment or by invoice. Those in a financially disadvantaged position are entitled to a discount on the camp fee, which is €90. This can be selected when registering for the camp. Families in a particularly weak financial situation can apply for a special discount.

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