Direct enrollment for the remaining places in the Protu camps opens on Friday 12 April

News / 26.3.2024

In March, more than 60 spots remained unfilled in the summer camps in the post-lottery. Due to the changed situation, we are closing the post-lottery and opening direct enrollment for the remaining spots. You can enroll for the camps – and also for the queues of the full camps – on the Protu’s website on Friday 12 April. from 11 am.

There are also individual available spots at this summer’s English-language youth camps.

For more information about the lottery, please contact the Protu office at

Information about summer 2024 camps:

  • In the summer, 64 youth camps are organized for 14-16 year olds, including 50 regular Finnish-language camps and 9 Finnish-language themed camps, as well as 3 Swedish-language regular camps and 2 English-language international camps. Due to the huge demand, places for youth camps are selected by way of lottery.
  • English-language international camps are organized from 21 to 28 July in Meriharju (Helsinki) and from 28 July to 4 August In Oriniemi (Turku):   
  • You can view all the other summer youth camps in the camp search:  
  • In the description of each camp, you can find contact information for the campsite, information about washing and accommodation equipment, and accessibility.

Information about enrolling:

  • You can enroll in a camp or camp’s queue using the form on Protu’s website. Filling out the form requires a previously created user account. 
  • A user account can be created either by a guardian or a young person. A user account is always created with your own information. If the user is under 18 years of age, the form asks for the guardian’s contact information at the same time, in which case the guardian’s own user account will also be created (or if the guardian’s account already exists with the email provided to the guardian, a connection will be made between the young person’s account and the guardian’s account). Both the camper and the guardian must have their own separate email address as their username.
  • You can pay for the camp immediately or choose to pay by invoice. When paying, you can request a discount (basic or special) in case your family’s financial situation is unstable.
  • The person in queue gets a spot at the camp in the event that someone who has already enrolled for the camp cancels their enrollment.

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