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Principles of Prometheus Camps


The aim of the Prometheus Camp Association according to the rules is to "organise religiously and politically unaffiliated coming-of-age-camps that aim to support young people in building their own world view. Another aim is to secure the possibilities to take part in coming-of-age education for non-religious and religiously unaffiliated youth."


The goals of education

  • Supporting individual growth and self-accepting person
  • Ethical approach towards others and improving the life of others
  • The creation of fair and democratic communities
  • Respecting nature and protecting the environment
  • Building a world that is based on peace, rightfulness and caring for others


The principles of education

  • Respecting youth and cherishing their dignity
  • Encouraging creativity and independent thinking
  • Applying the principle of free exploration:
  • Guiding youth towards critical and creative thinking in every aspect of life
    • Aiming to find a way of life that is meaningful for oneself and others
    • Applying democratic principles
  • Taking young people's life experiences into account
  • Motivating and encouraging to tackle even difficult ethical issues


The base for these principles and goals is a humanistic worldview

  • The world we experience is everything we know of life
  • The human race, which is a part of this physical world, is the only one responsible for the solutions made on our planet
  • An open, exploratory and intelligent approach is the requirement for understanding and interpreting experiences


Principles of Prometheus Camps in Prometheus Camp Counsellors' Guide

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