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Covid guidelines for Protu operations in 2021

The guidelines are updated if necessary. Last update 24.4.2021.

The Prometheus Camp Association will continue organising camps, training sessions, and other events in 2021 when official orders concerning the covid pandemic permit us to do so. We take infection countermeasures and official orders into account in all our events. These guidelines concerning Protu events are based on current recommendations by THL and OKM. By following these guidelines the infection risk at Protu events can be lowered. Precautionary measures are followed as the circumstances of the camps, training sessions, or other events allow. 

Download for these instructions.

Our camps have a demonstrably positive effect on youth wellbeing, which is important especially in these times. Our camps have at most 17 campers, 7 counsellors, and 2 chefs, so there are approximately a school class worth of people present. Counsellors and chefs get separate, more detailed instructions in order to guarantee the safety of our camps.

1. Sick people may not participate in camps or other events 

Covid causes respiratory infection, and its symptoms can include a sore throat, coughing, fever, shortness of breath, muscle pain, digestive issues and headaches. 

No child or adult is to participate in events if they have signs of illness.

Participation in events is to be cancelled if one has fallen ill with a respiratory disease immediately prior to the events or if symptoms of respiratory infection are present. Cancellation is also recommended if someone in one's household has been or has shown signs of an infection immediately prior to an event. The best way to protect other participants is to not participate if one has been exposed to covid. There should be at least three healthy days before one participates in an event.

Cancellation of camps

We are relaxing the conditions of cancellation due to these circumstances such that only 60€ will be charged for cancellation of participation prior to a camp beginning in order to cover office expenses. Those who have fallen ill with covid or who belong to a risk group may apply for exemption from cancellation fees on basis of a certificate written by a healthcare professional. If a camper doesn’t participate in a camp without cancellation, the full price of the camp will be charged.

It is good to prepare for a cancellation with short notice in case the covid situation in Finland worsens and the governmental guidelines change. The camp payment will be refunded if this happens.

2. Symptoms or illness during camps or other events 

If a person gets ill or develops symptoms of covid, they will be moved immediately and with a low threshold for action to a separate space to wait. Close proximity with symptomatic or ill people is avoided and a suitable distance is maintained. Someone who becomes ill during an event will be directed to go home and to get tested for covid.

If a minor gets ill, both their guardians and the local health centre will be contacted. Information on how to get tested and the results of those tests, negative or positive, will always be provided for all adult participants and the guardians of minors who participate. In case of illness, Protu’s office will serve as the contact for participants and guardians.


3. If cases of covid are confirmed during or after events 

If covid infection is confirmed during a camp, a training session, or another event, the event will be interrupted and the participants directed to contact their municipal health services.

The infectious disease doctor of the municipality or health district is responsible for investigating the chain of infection.

If covid is detected in any of the participants the possibility of transmission will be investigated and those possibly exposed to covid will be tracked and quarantined for a period of 14 days.


4. Members of risk groups 

Participation of those belonging to a risk group in Protu camps or events should be evaluated by either the participant or their guardians. If needed, an attending physician may be consulted on the matter. Health districts have created further instructions for children and youth at risk.

5. Unnecessary physical contact is to be avoided 

Covid is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets. During camps and other Protu events situations involving direct contact are avoided.

1.     Arrival and departure from camps

  • Handshakes may not be given when arriving or leaving.
  • During camps: Closing ceremonies for guardians and family members will not be organised at the end of camps. The counsellors may organise a remote closing ceremony through video if circumstances allow.

2.    Accomodations   

  • Accommodations will be organised more sparsely than usual if possible.

3.    Sauna and washing up.

  • Washing up and going to the sauna will be implemented in a staggered manner using smaller groups. As per usual, everyone may also wash themselves alone

4.    Meals

  • Good hand hygiene is to be maintained prior to and after meals.
  • Groceries will be acquired by delivery or through other arrangements if possible, so that the chef doesn’t visit the store. The chef ensures the hygiene of the meal and follows separate instructions in order to maintain it.

5.    Programmes

  • Programmes are planned with less physical proximity than usual.  Emotional closeness will still occur during camps, but distancing will be maintained.

6.    Outside visitors

  • No other people, such as journalists or guests leading programmes, are invited to the camp. Eventual visits are arranged remotely according to possibilities.

6. Good hand- and respiratory hygiene prevents infection

Covid is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets. Properly implemented hand- and coughing hygiene prevents infection. 

  • We follow the latest official guidelines regarding mask usage during our events. Participants must bring their own masks. A sufficient quantity of masks for the entire event, such as a camp, have to be brought.
  • Everyone is to wash their hands after leaving the bathroom, before and after meals, when coming indoors, after coughing or sneezing, or when one's hands are visibly dirty.
  • Participants will be instructed on proper handwashing technique at the beginning of events, and instructions will be placed at sinks. Handwashing will also be augmented by the use of disinfectant.
  • Hands are to be dried with paper towels or personal hand towels.
  • If handwashing is not possible, disinfectant will be used. Camps have sufficient amounts of disinfectant.
  • The nose, eyes or the mouth are not to be touched except if one has just washed their hands.
  • The mouth is to be covered by a tissue when sneezing or coughing. The tissue is to be disposed of immediately afterwards. If tissues are not available, the mouth is to be placed in the crook of the elbow. Hands are to be washed immediately afterwards.

7. Cleaning 

Covid can also be transmitted through touch. Virions do not persist for long periods in air or on surfaces at varying temperatures. Covid has not been detected to spread through objects. Slightly basic cleaners are used when cleaning. Cleaning in sanitary facilities can be augmented with disinfectant.

  • All often-touched surfaces such as door handles, armrests, tables, light switches, and taps will be wiped daily.
  • The usage of shared tools, such as pens and craft supplies, will be avoided when possible. After use, these tools will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Participants are recommended to bring their own pens, erasers, and eventual craft supplies if possible. The usage of difficult-to-clean shared tools is to be avoided.

8. Other things of note

You can get additional information on special arrangements during Protu events in 2021 by sending a message to

More up-to-date information on covid can be found on THL:s website

OKM:s covid FAQ

WHO:s Handwashing instructions 

  • We follow the latest official guidelines regarding mask usage during our events. Participants must bring their own masks. A sufficient quantity of masks for the entire event, such as a camp, have to be brought.
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