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Enrolment form for the International camps 2022

Status message

Tämä lomake on suljettu.

Update 07.08.2021: The enrolment for camps in summer 2022 will open in the beginning of November 2021.

This form is for participants whose native language is other than Finnish or Swedish.

Please, fill in the required fields.

In case you are under 18, you have to fill in the guardian information. Otherwise, you can leave those fields empty. You will be contacted once your enrolment has been sorted to the camp or on the waiting list. Once you have been sorted to the camp, the following will happen:

  • Within a month, at the latest, the camp confirmation letter will be sent both to the guardian’s and the participant’s email. This letter will inform you about the camp and give you some basic information about Protu-camps.
  • The invoice will be sent to the guardian’s email within two weeks from the camp confirmation letter.
  • For the enrolment to be valid, please be sure to pay the invoice by the due date.
  • In the middle of May, both the guardian and the participant will receive a camp letter written by the camp counselor team. In the letter there will be more specific information about the camp, the address of the camp place, instructions about how to get there, what to pack and a list of the participants who have allowed to publish their contact details.

Following GDPR data protection regulations, we will protect your personal data against unauthorised access, and will remove your data from the system indefinitely once it is not needed anymore.



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