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Principles of Prometheus Camps

(from Prometheus Camp Leader's Guide)

According to its rules, the purpose of Prometheus Camp Association is to arrange coming-of-age education for youth not belonging to any religious denomination. Arranging Prometheus camps carries out this purpose. Everyone who has passed the eighth grade the Finnish comprehensive school, or equivalent of, is welcome to attend. In the 1991 autumn seminar of Prometheus Camp Association the following principles were accepted as the basis of our camps. The purpose of these principles is to clarify the collective basis and aims of the camps. In order to achieve the goals of the association it’s imperative that every camp leader pays attention to these principles.

Aims of The Education

  • Supporting the growth of the individual
  • Ethical stance toward others and betterment of the lives of others
  • Creation of just and democratic communities
  • Respect for nature and protection of the Earth
  • Building a world based on peace, justice and mutual caring Principles of The Education
  • Respect for youth and cultivation of their self-respect
  • Encouragement for creativity and individual thought
  • Application of the principle of free enquiry
  • Application of democratic principles
  • Recognition of the experience of individual youth
  • Motivation and encouragement to face ethical issues Basis for these principles is the humanist life stance
  • The world as experienced by us is all we can know of life
  • As part of this physical world a human being is solely responsible for decisions made on our planet
  • A free, inquisitive mind and application of reason are prerequisites to interpretation and understanding of experience.
  • Guiding the youth to critical and creative thinking on all fields of life
  • Finding a way of life reasonable for self and others

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