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Questionnaire for guardians 2020


The questionnaire is meant for parents and guardians of Prometheus campers in summer 2020. With this questionnaire we survey the success of camps and communication. Your answer help us better our camps and organization in the future. We recommend using a computer to answer the survey instead of a mobile device.

Thank you for your answers!

Suomenkielinen kysely löytyy täältä. Enkät för vårdnadshavare på svenska hittas här.

Attention: If you answer the survey while logged in to the website, the application automatically provides your name with the answers. If you want to answer anonymously, please log out first.


Hi, guardian of a summer 2020 Prometheus camper!

Your child has attended a Prometheus camp. Congratulations! We would like to hear your opinions of the camp and communication, so it would be awesome if you could answer our feedback survey. We ask that you tell the camper to fill out the camper feedback form, which can be found here.

Prometheus life is more than maturation camps:

  • By becoming a member, you make the organizing of these camps possible in the future. Without membership fees, arranging these camps would not be possible.
  • You can also support the cause by donating to Protu’s fundraising account FI51 1745 3000 0978 83. Fundraising permit number RA/2020/387, valid in entire Finland except Åland Islands, valid between 7.4.2020–31.12.2021.
  • You can also get on board to make the camps happen and develop them. The applications for camp leaders open late autumn/early winter and in spring for the camp cooks. Further information about camp leading can be found here and cooking here (only in Finnish - contact if you have questions, please).
  • Follow Protu on social media (Facebook, Instagram,, Twitter) so you can keep updated. You can also review us on Facebook. More information about us on social media can be found here.
  • Didn’t go on a camp when you were young? Would you like to experience Protu from a camper’s viewpoint? Protu organizes Finnish speaking adult camps for over 20-year-olds every summer. More info can be found here.


It is of an utmost importance to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable on our camps. If the camper has faced any abusive or indecent behavior, talk or other actions that have left them feeling uncomfortable or insecure, they, or you, can inform us about it (anonymously, if you will) via a web form. You can also contact our abuse support personnel, AT Taivainen and Tsenna Väänänen, directly and confidentially at, also in English.

Feedback is of an utmost importance to us while we enhance our camps, pick campsites, and train leaders. Thank you for answering!

Prometheus Camp Association



Background information

Below are questions about the size of your hometown, education background and income because Protu needs this information to improve our services.

6. Which camp did your dependant attend?

Feedback about Prometheus-camp

None at allBadlyTolerablyWellVery well
a. Group spirit and a confidential atmosphere
b. Open and critical discussion without set answers
c. A feeling of being welcomed and heard
d. Development of interaction skills
e. Safety and respect of ones own boundaries
A lot of room for improvementRoom for improvementAverageGoodVery good
a. Distributing information regarding the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on facilitating camps (i.e on camps being cancelled, the facilitation of substitute camps, or the alleviation of cancellation terms)
b. How coronavirus precaution measures were taken into account during the camp
c. Protu’s overall reaction to the coronavirus epidemic
A lot of room for improvementRoom for improvementAverageGoodVery good
a. Communication about the camp (the camp letter, the Protu website, etc.)
b. The camp place (i.e. camp accommodation and washing-up facilities)
c. Food
d. Washing-up and sauna practices
e. Actions of the counselors during the camp
f. The program of the camp
g. The program by the possible Seta-visitor
(i.e. camp accommodation and washing-up facilities)
Not at all/A lot of room for improvementBadly/Room for improvementTolerably/AverageWell/GoodVery Well/Very good
How well was the accessibility managed?
This answer won't bind you to anything, and it can not be connected to you personally
Attention! Please don't enter your last name. Anything you enter into this field is saved and we will not delete any last names entered. Only open questions that recommend or describe the camps are quoted in marketing, ie. '"My child went to a Prometheus camp" - Tiku, a parent of summer 2020 camper' or '"My child enjoyed the camp" - Tiku, a parent of camper'. Other details will not be connected to any quotes or names in Protu's marketing! If you leave this field blank, we won't quote your answers. Filling this field won't affect the confidentiality of your answers.
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