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The coronavirus epidemic will cause changes to Protu-activities (updated 27.4.)

Protu has decided to limit its spring and early-summer activities due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The precautions are meant to slow down the spread of the disease and to take care of the health of the people involved and their immediate contacts.

  • The camps taking place in the first week of the summer (31.5.-7.6.) will be canceled. A message has been sent to the people that are signed up to these camps regarding other substitutes.
  • Both international camps of the summer have been changed into English-speaking camps. Campers who have signed up for the camps from abroad will be contacted and it is recommended they cancel their registration (full camp fee will be refunded excluding a possible membership fee) as Protu can not take responsibility for possible cancellations of flights or restrictions on flight traffic such as quarantines.
  • Other camps will, as of now, take place normally, though this is subject to change due to the ongoing situation. Possible cancellations of the camps of the second week of June (7.-14.6.) will be announced on the 4th of May. The cancellations of the two following weeks (14.6.-21.6.) will be announced on 11th of May and the camps of the first two weeks of July (28.6.-5.7. and  5.7.-12.7.) will be announced on 25th of May. Possible cancellations for the rest of the summer will be announced approximately a month before the camp.
  • The team- and chef-trainings of the late spring will be taking place remotely. Team members will be compensated for one live meeting, after which they are encouraged to stay in touch through other online measures. (The SUPER2-, SVENSKA2- and VOE-trainings that were canceled and that took place earlier in March were also done remotely)
  • The Alkajaiset spring event 24.-26.4. is also canceled. The statutory general meeting originally taking place on the 25th of April has been moved to take place on Sunday the 31st of May at Pakila youth center (Lepolantie 19). Possible changes on the date of the general meeting will be announced on the 5th of May.
  • All meetings within the various sections of protu will be held remotely until the 13th of May, as will any local Protu activities as well. Possible change of the policy will also be announced on the 4th of May.
  • The office will be open for service from noon till 4 pm Tuesdays through Thursdays on weeks 18-19. All contact must, however, be done through email or by phone.

We intently follow the release of official guidelines and will make sure to inform of other changes to protu activities if needed.

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