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The Coronavirus epidemic has caused changes in Protu activities (updated May 11)

The Coronavirus epidemic has caused changes in Protu activities ( updated May 11) Protu has restricted its activities for the spring and early summer due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The precautionary measures have been put in place to prevent the spreading of the virus and to ensure the well-being of all participants and their guardians.  

  • The camps taking place in the first week of summer (May 31 – June 7) have been cancelled. A message informing about substitutive camps has been sent to those who had enrolled in these camps. In addition, the two international camps planned for the summer have been changed to English language camps. People who have enrolled from outside of Finland have been contacted and advised to cancel their enrolment.
  • We are aiming to hold the other camps happening in June and the rest of the summer as planned. However, we are still prepared to do quick cancellations at short notice if necessary due to changes in the Coronavirus situation and guidelines. 
  • A special camp guidance regarding the Coronavirus has been created, which can reduce the risk of infections. In the guidance there is also updated information on the Protu camps’ cancellation policy. When following these guidelines, it is safe to go to your camp. All the necessary hygiene products will also be provided at the camps. Check out the guidance here
  • We are also trying to organize the backpacking Protu camp at Saariselkä on June 21 - June 28. In the case that night trains are not running, day trains will be used. To strengthen hygiene at the backpacking camp we have added more hand sanitizer to the camp package for the lack of hand washing facilities and campers are instructed to bring their own hand towels. 
  • Team trainings will be held online for the late spring. The counsellors will be compensated for their travel expenses for one meeting in person. 
  • Protu's statutory spring meeting normally held on May 31. has been moved to be held on Saturday, September 26 at Pakila Youth Centre (Lepolantie 19). 
  • All meetings within sections and other organs will be held online until June 1st. In addition, all local Protu activities will be on hiatus until this date. The Park Event that was planned for August has been cancelled for now. Information on possible changes in the situation and the event possibly being held online will be given later. 
  • Protu’s office service hours for May 11 to May 24 are Tue-Thu, 12pm-4pm. All contacts are to be made only by phone or through email.   

We are closely following new information coming from the public authority, and we will be making further announcements on changes in Protu activities if needed.  

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