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Questionnaire for campers 2019


For Prometheus campers. With this questionnaire, we survey the success of camps and communication during summer 2019. Your answers help us better our camps and organization in the future. We recommend using a computer instead of a mobile device to answer.

Thank you for your answers!

Suomenkielinen kysely löytyy täältä. Enkät för lägerdeltagare på svenska hittas här.

Attention: If you answer the form while logged in to the website, the application automatically provides your name with the answers. If you want to answer anonymously, log out first.


Hi, camper of summer 2019!

You went on a Prometheus camp. Congratulations! We’d like to hear your opinions of the camp and communication, so it would be awesome if you could give us feedback.

Life of Protu continues! After their camps, hundreds of youngsters join in as members of Protu, go on to counsel camps themselves in the following summer, go to schools to inform students about Protu, and participate in continuation camps, events and local groups. Protu offers activity to all kinds of different people in various situations of life. The basis in every activity is to learn by working together as equals. Activity in Protu is fun, and the team spirit is great!

  • By becoming a member of Protu you can support voluntary work in the future. Without membership fees, these camps couldn't be arranged.
  • You can also come aboard to organize even better camps and make the camp experience possible to other youth. You can enroll as a junior leader in early December. More information can be found here (only in Finnish - contact kv@protu.fi if you have questions, please)
  • More information about working in Protu can be found here. If you’re interested in joining, but you’re not sure what you want to do, you can fill a form here.  (only in finnish - contact kv@protu.fi if you have questions)
  •  Follow Protu on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Ask.fm, Twitter) so you can keep updated. You can also rate Protu on Facebook, and join the Protu discussion group. More information on Protu and social media can be found here.

It's important to Protu that everyone enjoys themselves and feels safe. If you’ve come across indecent behavior, talk or other action that has left you feeling uncomfortable or insecure,you can tell us about it (anonymously, if you will) via a web form. You can also contact our abuse support personnel, Venla Hannuksela, Tsenna Väänänen and Valo Inkinen, confidentially at hairintailmotus@protu.fi, also in English.

Feedback is of an utmost importance to us while we enhance our camps, pick campsites, and train leaders. Thank you for answering!

Prometheus Camp Association


3. Which camp did you go to?

School grade 4-10
A lot of room for improvementA little room for improvementAverageGoodVery good
a. Communication (pre-camp letter, website etc.)
b. Camp programme
c. Possible Seta visitor
d. Leaders’ actions
e. Equipment at the campsite (e.g accommodation and washing)
f. Food
g. Washing- and sauna practices
A lot of room for improvementRoom for improvementAverageGoodVery good
How well did we manage accessibility?
e.g as a camp counsellor for the next summer
This answer won't bind you to anything, and it can not be connected to you personally
Attention! Please don't enter your last name. Anything you enter into this field is saved and we will not delete any last names entered. Only open questions that recommend or describe the camps are quoted in marketing, ie. '"I went to a Prometheus camp" - Tiku, summer 2019 camper' or '"I enjoyed the camp" - Tiku, camper'. Other details will not be connected to any quotes or names in Protu's marketing! If you leave this field blank, we won't quote your answers. Filling this field won't affect the confidentiality of your answers.
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